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May 29 / drawing
May 16 / regular

Back in 2011, shortly I was given my first iPad from work, I discovered the journaling app Day One. I’ve been using it on and off for the past 5 years and I’m now using it more than ever. Here’s why I’m using it and what I like about it.
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January 8 / video
January 7 / video

Here’s a highlight video of me backpacking South East Asia in December 2014. I spent a month and a half travelling around Asia, starting in Thailand, travelling up to Laos, across to Vietnam, down to Cambodia and then on to Malaysia.
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December 15 / regular

There’s a bit of a theme about productivity in what I write about but never really any productivity. This year hasn’t seen the 50 blog posts that I had targeted for this year – it’s reached far less than that – 8 (so far). Here’s what I think the issue is.

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November 24 / drawing
November 20 / video

This September, Laura and I went on a 2 week California road trip, and I took the opportunity to take along my GoPro and my 550D along to capture the trip and edit a short video from the footage – and this is what I ended up with.

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September 2 / design

A while back while browsing in a book store I saw the cover of Charles Saatchi’s The Naked Eye and really liked the design.

I liked the eye test design and was inspired to create something like it myself.

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