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08 January 2016 / / video

I’ve not used my 550D for filming in quite a while, so I dug it out and took it along on my walk in Battersea Park and made a short video from it.

07 January 2016 / / video

Here’s a highlight video of me backpacking South East Asia in December 2014. I spent a month and a half travelling around Asia, starting in Thailand, travelling up to Laos, across to Vietnam, down to Cambodia and then on to Malaysia.

20 November 2015 / / video

This September, Laura and I went on a 2 week California road trip, and I took the opportunity to take along my GoPro and my 550D along to capture the trip and edit a short video from the footage - and this is what I ended up with.

01 April 2015 / / video

Today I came across some old footage I shot on a summer’s day two years ago on my commute home from London. When I was shooting the video I think I was just playing about with the camera as I had it on me and the light was nice so captured a few shots. The idea at the time was to put the video together into some kind of edit or a 5x5, but as time went on the footage got forgotten about. After watching a Philip Bloom camera review today (I have my eyes on the Sony A7S) I remembered how much I liked his short edits in his reviews. So I got went searching for the footage, looked for some free music to put the edit to, jumped into Premiere, and came out with this. 

26 October 2014 / / video

The other day I went to a gig for Smoking Grace, a local band that my brother is in. I decided to take my camera and film the gig to create a music video for it. Here are the lessons I learnt from shooting my first live music video.

16 August 2014 / / video

I recently came across some footage I shot at a train station I was at while waiting for my change over and decided I had enough to edit it into a 5x5 video.