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02 September 2015 / / design

A while back while browsing in a book store I saw the cover of Charles Saatchi’s The Naked Eye and really liked the design.

I liked the eye test design and was inspired to create something like it myself.

10 May 2015 / / design

The Selfie – it’s hard to go anywhere without hearing the words and seeing the poses now. During my travels this year around Asia and Australia, I found there were so many people doing it - and a huge increase in selfie sticks around the place, ruining other people’s photos.

09 March 2012 / / design

Here’s the finished product of a design idea I had the other day, created in Illustrator. Stay tuned for an updated post where I talk about my inspiration and process for creating this piece.

06 March 2012 / / regular

One thing I have always believed in is new stationary makes you creative. It’s something I’ve been more sure of than anything else in the world. From the beginning of my life, and particularly in my teens, the solution to not drawing or designing enough was to go out and buy a new sketchbook or notebook and maybe some new pens or pencils, with the hope that one look at the blank pages of this fresh new sketchbook would inspire me to fill its pages with all the ideas I had floating in my head. But that’s where things just didn’t work out.