31 July / video
10 May / design

The Selfie – it’s hard to go anywhere without hearing the words and seeing the poses now. During my travels this year around Asia and Australia, I found there were so many people doing it - and a huge increase in selfie sticks around the place, ruining other people’s photos.

01 April / video

Today I came across some old footage I shot on a summer’s day two years ago on my commute home from London. When I was shooting the video I think I was just playing about with the camera as I had it on me and the light was nice so captured a few shots. The idea at the time was to put the video together into some kind of edit or a 5x5, but as time went on the footage got forgotten about. After watching a Philip Bloom camera review today (I have my eyes on the Sony A7S) I remembered how much I liked his short edits in his reviews. So I got went searching for the footage, looked for some free music to put the edit to, jumped into Premiere, and came out with this. 

26 October / video

The other day I went to a gig for Smoking Grace, a local band that my brother is in. I decided to take my camera and film the gig to create a music video for it. Here are the lessons I learnt from shooting my first live music video.

16 August / video

I recently came across some footage I shot at a train station I was at while waiting for my change over and decided I had enough to edit it into a 5x5 video.

21 May / regular

As you might have noticed it’s been a long time since my last post. Work has been incredibly busy over the last few months trying to get new workflows running for the new year, while going out on productions, training staff, late nights and day to day stuff, so finding time for the blog has been difficult. By the time I’m home, all I’ve been concerned about is having dinner and getting enough sleep to get through the next day. That is until recently, when I started spending my commute more productively. Up until a few weeks ago I used to wake up each day exhausted and just use the train journey as an extra hour and a bit to catch some more sleep. I’m now reading articles, reflecting on my day, and drawing when I can.

13 January / design

To celebrate the new logo here at The Astronaut, I am giving away a free wallpaper available to download.

As soon as I started designing the new logo, I was already thinking about what it might look like as a graffitied stencil. So I took the vector logo into Photoshop and started working on making the logo look like it had been spray painted onto a wall. To help me out on this design, I used the Dark Knight Rises Stencil Effect tutorial over at Abduzeedo and some great free spray paint Photoshop brushes on Chris Spooner’s SpoonGraphics blog.