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Eye Test Design Poster

A while back while browsing in a book store I saw the cover of Charles Saatchi's The Naked Eye and really liked the design.

I liked the eye test design and was inspired to create something like it myself.

My Design

For my design I thought about how difficult eye test charts can be to read and how when you are reading each letter it's like you are spelling out words. I was thinking about words that are difficult to say or spell and one instantly came to mind:


I googled the spelling and then set about creating the design in Illustrator, using Saatchi's book cover and eye test images I found online for reference.

Once I had created the image and set up the typography how I wanted, I then took it into a poster mockup template in Photoshop and here's the final outcome.

The Outcome

Eye Test Design Spelling out Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious The Final Outcome of the Eye Test Design as a Poster