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16 May / / regular

Back in 2011, shortly I was given my first iPad from work, I discovered the journaling app Day One. I’ve been using it on and off for the past 5 years and I’m now using it more than ever. Here’s why I’m using it and what I like about it.

15 December / / regular

There’s a bit of a theme about productivity in what I write about but never really any productivity. This year hasn’t seen the 50 blog posts that I had targeted for this year - it’s reached far less than that - 8 (so far). Here’s what I think the issue is.

21 May / / regular

As you might have noticed it’s been a long time since my last post. Work has been incredibly busy over the last few months trying to get new workflows running for the new year, while going out on productions, training staff, late nights and day to day stuff, so finding time for the blog has been difficult. By the time I’m home, all I’ve been concerned about is having dinner and getting enough sleep to get through the next day. That is until recently, when I started spending my commute more productively. Up until a few weeks ago I used to wake up each day exhausted and just use the train journey as an extra hour and a bit to catch some more sleep. I’m now reading articles, reflecting on my day, and drawing when I can.

09 January / / regular

I recently came across a great showcase of animal photo manipulations over at The Inspiration Blog. There’s a great selection of photo manipulations there and in their part two post. I liked the idea of these so grabbed some free stock photos from stock.xchng, took them into Photoshop and started trying to create my own. The process took a lot longer than I thought it would, but it was a good exercise for practicing photo manipulation in Photoshop. Here’s what I came up with..

30 November / / regular

I’ve just got back in from a long evening walk. Although I started the day pretty well, firing up my camera, grabbing a tripod and having a bit of a play, I then hit a creative block. What had started as a day that seemed promising and productive soon turned into a great amount of procrastination, playing xbox and browsing the web. That was until I went out for a walk.

17 November / / regular

Its been a long time but I am back posting again. I’ve found some time to think about the blog again, come up with some more ideas for posts and found more time for designing. Its been far too long since I posted here, but I’m feeling more focused now. So expect new things, and more frequent things in the coming weeks.

15 October / / regular

So I was sitting at home last night deciding what to do during my last two days off work, when I came across a coach service that goes overnight to Paris for just £9! As soon as I saw that I knew how I would spend my last day off and booked it straight away, and now I’m going to Paris.

01 October / / regular

If there’s any website I’m addicted to right now over any other, it’s Lifehacker. I discovered the site a couple of years ago, but ever since it found a place on Flipboard on my iPad a few months ago, I’ve been checking out the site more and more.

01 October / / regular

I saw a friend of mine today, and during our conversations, the topic moved on to drawing and sketching. It is a topic that comes up quite a lot in our conversations, and we’re often suggesting inspiring artists to follow on Instagram to each other and sending each other sketches.

Today she had asked me if she could check out my sketchbooks, so I found the two sketchbooks I had and we started flicking through the pages.

28 July / / regular

There’s something unique about analogue. When everything is now so digital and connected, and technology is so accessible, we sometimes forget what it used to be like.

06 March / / regular

One thing I have always believed in is new stationary makes you creative. It’s something I’ve been more sure of than anything else in the world. From the beginning of my life, and particularly in my teens, the solution to not drawing or designing enough was to go out and buy a new sketchbook or notebook and maybe some new pens or pencils, with the hope that one look at the blank pages of this fresh new sketchbook would inspire me to fill its pages with all the ideas I had floating in my head. But that’s where things just didn’t work out. 

02 January / / regular


This is the start of The Astronaut Blog. I have been meaning to start a blog for quite a while now, so I have tied it in with the start of the year.