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02 September / / design

A while back while browsing in a book store I saw the cover of Charles Saatchi’s The Naked Eye and really liked the design.

I liked the eye test design and was inspired to create something like it myself.

10 May / / design

The Selfie – it’s hard to go anywhere without hearing the words and seeing the poses now. During my travels this year around Asia and Australia, I found there were so many people doing it - and a huge increase in selfie sticks around the place, ruining other people’s photos.

13 January / / design

To celebrate the new logo here at The Astronaut, I am giving away a free wallpaper available to download.

As soon as I started designing the new logo, I was already thinking about what it might look like as a graffitied stencil. So I took the vector logo into Photoshop and started working on making the logo look like it had been spray painted onto a wall. To help me out on this design, I used the Dark Knight Rises Stencil Effect tutorial over at Abduzeedo and some great free spray paint Photoshop brushes on Chris Spooner’s SpoonGraphics blog.

09 March / / design

Here’s the finished product of a design idea I had the other day, created in Illustrator. Stay tuned for an updated post where I talk about my inspiration and process for creating this piece.