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Bonjour Paris!

So I was sitting at home last night deciding what to do during my last two days off work, when I came across a coach service that goes overnight to Paris for just £9! As soon as I saw that I knew how I would spend my last day off and booked it straight away, and now I'm going to Paris.

The Eiffel Tower A photo from my last trip to Paris in 2008

I get to travel a lot with work, but I never really get much time to take a place in, I'm too busy working, so I thought a whole day exploring somewhere different would be a great way to spend my time. With work I also visit great places that I want to visit again and explore properly. Amsterdam is one place I really want to visit again.

I've actually been to Paris before, on my 19th birthday a few close friends decided to surprise me with a trip to Paris. It was great to just hop in the car, get the ferry across to France and drive somewhere new to explore it. The problem was that the trip was so spontaneously planned, we didn't know where we were going once we got to Paris and only saw a couple of the sights.

So I've got my coach ticket, my passport and my camera and I'm just going to explore as much of Paris as I can, filming anything I come across. I've not really got a plan yet, I'm going to be a tourist and see the landmarks, but I also want to try and see the side of Paris that the locals see, which might mean using the French I learnt at school about 6 years ago.

It's going to be an adventure and I'm pretty excited about it.