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An Evening Walk

I've just got back in from a long evening walk. Although I started the day pretty well, firing up my camera, grabbing a tripod and having a bit of a play, I then hit a creative block. What had started as a day that seemed promising and productive soon turned into a great amount of procrastination, playing xbox and browsing the web. That was until I went out for a walk.

I had realised that my day full of plans and getting out of the house never came about, meaning I hadn't been outside at all (excluding the 5 minutes I spent filming a couple of things in the garden). So after dinner I left and went for a walk.

Going out on walks at night is something I really enjoy. Everyone is inside so the outside is quiet, perfect for clearing a busy head and letting it wonder. I found that without distractions I was able to think about what I hadn't done in the day and motivate myse,f to do it tomorrow. The beginnings of ideas started coming to me. I enjoyed walking without a destination to be. I walked slower, took in more of my environment and it was a good change of pace from the busy daytime activities and pressures.

I can see why many famous writers frequently walked, and I will follow them now and take more time walking. You should get out and walk too if you don't already, I recommend it.