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5×5 – Payphone

I recently came across some footage I shot at a train station I was at while waiting for my change over and decided I had enough to edit it into a 5x5 video.

What is a 5x5 Video?

A 5x5 video is a video made up of 5 5-second shots, using only natural sound from the camera. Its a video format that is good for starting out making videos (you only need 25 seconds of footage) and often appears in Vimeo's Video School Weekend Challenges.

Vimeo Video School 5x5 Challenge Vimeo Video School 5x5 Challenge

Shooting a 5x5 is easy and can be a quick, fun exercise in practicing your composition, framing and other camera skills. Set yourself a theme, go out and shoot, and create a 5x5. Another great thing about putting a 5x5 together is that because you are just using cuts between shots and natural audio, you don't need a lot from your editing software; you can use whatever you're happy with. Even if that is your phone or tablet.

If you're looking for inspiration on 5x5 videos, Vimeo is a great resource. As well as setting 5x5 challenges in the Video School, a search of 5x5s will come back with a huge list of videos that you can watch for inspiration.